Sunday, 26 August 2012

REVIEW - Dream Lash No7 in Jet Black

Bonjour à tous!

This morning I will be reviewing the "Dream Lash" mascara by No7 in the colour "Jet Black"

When I was applying this mascara, it felt quite rough on my eyes.
This is definitely not ideal for people who have eyes that are quite sensitive as the mascara brush is very irritatant whilst coating the mascara onto your lashes.

The No7 Dream Lash mascara has it's ups and downs. Pros and cons if you may.

What I found whilst putting on this product is that it seperated my lashes nicely, added a little volume to the roots and a teency bit of length!
I would definitely recommend it for people who are going for the "natural look" for their lashes, other than that, this mascara is nothing special.

What is quite an annoying thing about it is that it gets on your eyelids easily, so you have to clean it up, although if you place a card behind your eyelashes and coat it that way, the mascara on your eyelid thing won't be much of a problem, obviously. As well as that, the solution or whatever you call the gunky stuff that goes on the brush does not dry too quickly, which can be a definite hassle when your in a hurry.


For £15.50, I personally would not buy this mascara again, as it does not do anything exceptional and you can buy an exact dupe of the mascara for probably less than half price.

The pictures below are my eyes after I have applied my mascara.

These are my eyelashes without any mascara on.

First coat of mascara.

Second coat of mascara (and you can see the mascara on my eyelid here)

Third coating of mascara.

So that's it for today folks! 
Overall, like I said, I would not recommend this mascara unless you are looking for a natural finish and have time in the morning to wait for the mascara to dry (or to clean up your eyelids)
For the price it definitely is not worth it. 

I hope this review helped, and remember, expensive does not always mean that it's better, even Collection 2000 (which is by the way, relatively cheap) can come up with an exact dupe to this!

But anyways, before I blabber on any more, thats me off for now! 
Ciao! & have a nice day everyone :-)

Au reviour beautifuls <3

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  1. I think it’s such a good idea you’re doing this, I’m in need of new mascara. I normally just buy L’Oreal Telescopic over and over again, but I think I shall wait & see what your verdict is at the end of the week :)