Wednesday, 22 August 2012

REVIEW: Lush UltraBland Cleanser

Salut à nouveau belle! I have a review for youu allll today! :-)
I willl be reviewing thee Lush UltraBland Cleanser!

So basically. Where even to start? I cannot even begin to describe how amazingly amazing this product is, it literally just is.. well... amazing?

First of all, what would I rate this product?
The answer is...



Now you're probably thinking, wuttttt?! 9/10?!!!? Snce when do people ever rate cleansers so high?!
But... now I am just going to tell you EXACTLY why!

I have really bad problem skin and I have searched and searched for cleansers that actually have an effect by reducing the redness, bumps, and spot size but also locking in moisture to my skin. Until I found ultrabland. It does everything! It's a two in one cleanser and moisturiser, and a good one at that. Not only does it cleanse and put moisture back into your face, it removes literally every bit of makeup.

Now usually, with me, I have to use a few cleansers to manage to clean off all my makeup at night as the products are either too harsh or too gentle and therefore do not remove all impurities from my face.

With ultrabland it is a completely different story. It is gentle enough to take off all of your eye makeup without irritating you eyes, yet tough enough to tackle all of the nasties that most cleansers (in a one job) leave on your skin by the end of your routine.

The only bad things I would say about this product (which is why I didn't rate it a 10) is that you have to remove the product with a few wet cotton pads to get it all off along with your makeup and the impurities, and if you get alot on your hands they can become quite greased so you will have to wash your hands with soap to get it off.

Other than that is is definitely HANDS DOWN the best cleanser I have ever used and come across. I have tried other products but literally nothing is as similar as this gem.

At only £6.75 for 45 grams or £10.75 at 100 grams it is an absolute steel for the end result that you get with this considering higher end products that are about £30 don't do half the job as this :-)

This picture is to show how creamy and soft the texture of it is.


  • Takes off makeup, dirt and oil VERY easily
  • Soft and creamy - perfect for dry or combinational skin
  • Excessively reduces the amount of redness on your skin by about 10x the amount.
  • It is AMAZING for people with acne or acne scarring, as it reduces the spot size and takes away all of the redness around it, dramatically.
  • Smells great!
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients (as it is from lush)
  • Definitely not tested on animals


  • Can be quite greasy on your hands
  • Have to go through a few cotton pads to get all of the product off
  • Works best before using another cleanser, shouldn't be used alone

Keep in mind, this product might not work for you as everyone has different skin types and such, but if you have dry, sensitive or combinational skin and need a foolproof way of making sure all of your makeup and/or suffer from acne or have acne scarring or any other redness then please do try this because it really is just amazing! 

If you've read all this I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope this helped you find the ultimate cleanser that you may have been looking for.

Au revior beautifuls <3


  1. well you certainly have me roped in! im going to buy it asap! sounds amazing! :)

  2. Merci Belle! :-) I'm really glad my review helped you, I'd love if you updated me on how you're finding it, would be much appreciated if your opinion was shared also :-)