Saturday, 9 November 2013

How-To - Egg White Face Mask for Acne!

Hey there everyone :)

Tonight I thought I would conduct a little experiment and try the infamous "Egg White Face Mask for Acne."

As I have said before, I have very bad problem skin. I always have ever since I was 13 (18 now) and I'm always looking for ways to get rid of it, help it or reduce the redness and spot size from my face using different facial cleansers, home made remedies, diets etc

(and obviously I look into medication for it and everything as well lol)

But anyways! I thought I would try out "Egg White Face Mask" which basically consists of ... yes. You guessed it! 


Egg whites!!

The claims that people have made are as follows... it apparently...

- Reduces pore size
- Tightens the skin
- Softens the skin
- Clears the skin
- Reduces Redness
- Removes impurities
- Removes dead skin
- Helps prevent wrinkles

This is what I am going to test out!! 

Feel privileged for possibly the first time ever (and possibly the last) that I will be posting a before and after picture.. and during picture.. of my face. Without any skin makeup. (I still have mascara on wasn't quite feeling that brave lol)

For people who know me. This is quite a big deal because my naked skin has probably got to be in the top 3 (maybe even the top) of my biggest insecurities ever!

Not to be dramatic or anything...

But anyway. I will examine my skin before hand, (texture etc), put on the egg white, tell you how it feels on the skin... how long it takes to dry (for me personally), wash it off, examine my skin and viola! Give you the results!!

So the procedure is pretty straight forward... you separate the yolk from the egg white, place the egg white into a bowl or cup, whatever suits your fancy, mix it til it's frothy and then add some extra ingredients if you feel the whole sugar spice and everything nice vibe, (which I did, of course), and then put it on your face!

Simple right?

But if you're still not getting it, luckily for you.. I have a step-by-step procedure of what to do, how to do it, and what the results are! Enjoy :)


Right so... this is me. I cleansed my skin.. splashed my face with hot water and then got started. No skin makeup whatsoever. The texture of my skin was quite dry which is usually what happens when I cleanse my skin, and surprisingly, my pore size was medium (they're usually really large). My skin is quite dehydrated as well. My skin was a little red but not too bad and it's inflamed mostly in the cheek area.


First off, I used a medium to large sized egg. I cracked it open using the side of the glass, tilted the bit with the crack upright so that the egg white would fall from the crack into the glass. I then swayed the egg side to side to get more of the egg white out, carefully trying not to let the egg yolk fall into the glass with it!


Once that was done, I then added some SOY milk into the egg white. Not for any purpose.. just to give it more texture and thickness. Also because it seemed kind of boring just to have an egg white!


To mix it, I just grabbed a fork and started mixing the mixture around until it looked blended enough and frothi-ish. lol.


I basically just used my foundation brush because it's possibly the easiest application. Plus... It was just lying around lol. So... I scooped the mixture out (yes that's right, scooped) with the foundation brush until I had a generous amount on the brush. I then just applied it to my face... simple enough! 

I applied it on my cheek area first.. and from then went upto my forehead and down to my chin and jawline. I also applied some half way down my neck! SO kind of like the way I would apply my foundation. It was a little gloopy to apply, but it didn't run, it stayed put on my face and didn't try to secretly drizzle down! 
I repeated this process about five times because I had plenty of the mixture.

SO there was plentttyy on the face!


I would say you could just use the smallest egg in the world and it will still work!!

It dried within 10 minutes, but I left it on for 20 minutes anyway, just to be sure. 
I then washed my face with hot water again.. it was fairly easy to wash off, got some in my hair so some strands of hair have gone all hard, but nothing too messy!

These are the results.


As you can see... not much has changed except that my skin looks a little bit more radiant. The redness is still there and the spot size hasn't really changed.

I would say that my skin feels a lot tighter than before and a little radiant, also it feels a lot more soft and smooth, but I really did not notice any other difference!

No impurities felt removed, I don't think it removed any dead skin or cleared my skin.

Maybe I will try again when my skin is a little more oily and compare the results.
But safe to say.. I am not impressed and in my personal opinion, I feel this face mask is overrated.

Maybe I just did it wrong.

I hope this review and how-to helped you! Thank you for reading :)

Au Revoir Beautifuls<3

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