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REVIEW - Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

First of all. People always ask

"What's the difference between a tinted moisturiser and BB cream?"

The truth is, there is not much difference.

- BB cream is a slightly heavier coverage than a tinted moisturiser
- It blends out a lot better on the face
- Most of them have a built in primer
- It does a fantastic job of evening out the skin tone/complexion
- Creates a dewier finish

Except for that, they are relatively the exact same thing, although my argument is that BB cream is still better.

The packaging is also very cute and attractive.


"Instant Fresh-faced glow without looking all made up.

Our gel-based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1.

- Creates a natural glow
- Compliments skin-tone
- SPF30
- Hydrates all day
- Blurs Imperfections
- Oil free, non-greasy
- Looks visibly smooth
- Feels fresh
To use: Apply a thin layer on skin. Can be used with or without a moisturiser."


Most BB creams come 3 simple colours, light, medium and dark. This one is no different. 
I feel that the shade limit on these products don't make them as good as they could be, although they do adapt to your skin tone. (no matter whether you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones)

I use the light, obviously, because my skin is very fair. 
Although I use the "light" shade, I feel like I can only use it when I have subtle fake tan on, as the "light" isn't actually very pale.

My skin can be quite dry in the morning due to cleansers that I use, but then it gets oily as the day goes on.

I always make sure I have washed my hands before applying any kind of skin makeup to my face.

I apply the BB cream to the back of my hand, which comes out as a liquidy, gel like substance, then apply it with my fingers starting from the middle of my face and blending it outwards. 
I feel that this is the easiest way to apply this product, as it is very easy to blend with your fingers and using a foundation brush or a sponge soaks in a lot of the product.

I then work from my nose, upto my head, blending it into the hairline and the ears, then back down to the cheeks, along the chin and blending it into the neck and jawline.

When first applying it, it will feel moisturising, and then a little tacky before it dries.

I have a very uneven complexion, with a lot of redness, and blue around the eyes, and this fixes it so magically, evening out my skintone, and also looks much more light and natural than my usual choice of foundation. My pores are also very large, but the BB cream smooths over them, and also gives my dull, tired skin a radiant, dewy glow. It smells very fresh, and settles into the skin very well.

This BB cream does not cover blemishes or very dark circles, but I just use a concealer on top of the BB cream and it blends in well, while still looking natural.

I wouldn't say that it felt like I was not wearing anything on my face, but it is definitely a lot lighter than the foundations that I normally use.

Wearing this during the day, because my skin is oily, it starts to shine and can come off on my fingers unless I powder it lightly. For me, I would say that it lasts about 6 hours on my face, with powder.

This is why it is possibly more suited for dry or normal skin.

All in all, I still love to wear it when I'm going for the "natural look" as it is very light coverage, covers my pores well, gives me an even complexion, dewy, radiant face and gives my skin a big break.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who does not like wearing heavy foundations are are just looking for a natural looking finish.


- Very nice for natural looking skin
- Moisturising
- Covers big pores well
- Built in face primer
- Evens out skintone and complexion
- Brightens up a tired looking face
- Gives a dewy glow
- Feels light on the face
- Adapts to your skintone (cool, warm or neutral)
- Easy to apply, very blendable
- A quick fix for being on-the-go

- Comes in 3 shades - Light, Medium and Dark. Not much choice.
- Does not cover up imperfections
- Does not last all day
- Can get oily and greasy
- Can still feel it on the face (although it is light)
- Does not cover flushed/red cheeks very well
- Not very good on oily skin


For £7.99 this product is a bargain and I would recommend it to anyone to buy if you are a person who is always on-the-go and in a morning rush but still want your skin to look good. 
Even someone who does not like cakey foundations and prefers a light, natural looking finish.

You get a fair amount of product for the price as well, depending on how sparingly you use it.

The only thing that don't match up to the claims, in my opinion, is that can be oily and greasy if you don't powder it during the day or leave it on too long, and most imperfections (spots etc) are still noticeable through the BB cream, and not "blurred".

I hope this review was helpful to you. Thank you very much for reading

Au Revoir Beautifuls<3

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